About us

Thanks to the know-how and the enthusiasm of local villagers, Sauris Motoslitte Tour was established, in partnership with Sappada Motoslitte Tour,in Sauris, a unique and picturesque Alpine village in upper Val Lumiei.

Sauris Motoslitte Tour organizes snowmobile tours in amazing places and fascinating sites, where time seems to have stopped.
Every snowmobile excursion has its own guide. Starting from the charming village called Sauris di Sopra, the guide will take you through the surrounding wild mountains, on safe and clearly marked trails where the natural environment is fully respected.

Vieni a conoscere Sauris, cliccando qui, un borgo autentico nel cuore della Carnia!

Puoi contattarci chiamando il numero
+39 347 8366001 o attraverso il modulo contattaci.


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